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Youtube Deleted My Channel – Let’s Open HBC Club’s Old School Essential Pack, Get High and Talk About It

Yeah, I’m pretty disappointed that my YouTube channel has been deleted. I’m disappointed that YouTube is censoring cannabis users and labeling us as people who are promoting dangerous acts and drug abuse.

My heart hurts for all the other cannabis-related content creators who have had their livelihood and years of hard work deleted even though Youtube had (in some cases) verified their accounts and even sent them Play buttons acknowledging their accomplishments. The communitues and memories documented just wiped out..

Want to support the Weedtube? Then grab my coloring book (Color Me Cannabis) on Amazon —> https://amzn.to/2IldkgF
100% of the profits is going to their crowdfunding campaign.

Skip the headshop and get your essentials straight to your door. Get the same pack that I opened in this video –> https://www.hbcclub.com/product/old-school-essentials/ for only $10, ships world wide!

Blazy Susan Website —> https://blazysusan.com/

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  1. Great vid, fun swag (I’m not a fan of pink, but when I saw those Blazy Susan papers, may have involuntarily squealed…) and I’m sorry for YT deleting you. The thing is, if it weren’t for this massive dick move on YT’s part, I probably wouldn’t have known any of this existed. I didn’t really start watching videos on YT until quite recently, but nothing cannabis-centric. I came to watch that content specifically because of the WeedTube.

    Currently broke, but donating when our situation improves. This has definitely been a great place to rebuild the community – and get some newbies like me involved, too.

    Stay lifted, girl! <3


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