Why I Left YouTube

Hey everyone. First of all thank you guys for coming over here from TheWeedTube. I really appreciate it. This transition has been insane but worth it I hope in the long run. Enjoy the video and leave a comment below 🙂

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  1. I loved watching informational videos and smoke seshs on YT and I kept saying I will go where the creators go. YT has been boring the F out of me since all the talent left. Now its just a bunch of the same beauty and life hack vids. I swear I even stopped listening to music except for classical and tibetan healing music. All the other sounds are like static and noise with no purpose making my brain hurt. YT killed my interest in even becoming a creator myself. I was hoping there would be a new platform for us to go to, a place where we are wanted and treated fairly. I loved yours and evil evylins collabs, that was the corner of YT I went to watch real people chill and smoke while Im alone with my own herbs. Good luck Arend, you deserve a nice place to create and I hope you get everything you need and want in life.

  2. I am incredibly upset with YouTube. They really messed this up and are acting like establishment media companies. I am for free speech and while I will watch my non weed related videos where they are, YouTube, I am so glad I am here, because I found your channel!!! Mother of gay stoner, but a different gay stoner than you.

  3. Yes!!! I love how you included the universe and I love where all your thoughts went. I totally agree, this is a huge step in our cannabis journey and I can’t wait to see this grow.

    1. Just wanted to share how I discovered this site which I thinks super cool! I starting watching “That High Couple” on youtube and their channel got deleted. They shared that they’re moving over here so I thought I’d check it out. I love this concept and I think what you guys are doing is awesome!

  4. Arend! I’m so sorry that YouTube deleted your channel. You put so much hard work into everything you did and it’s a shame to see them not appreciate that. However, I am so proud of you for making the decision to leave and as you said the universe set you into motion before you really even knew. I know this is going to be a journey well worth it and I can’t wait to watch and support you through it!

  5. This site definitely has potential. You should work toward making more community-oriented features. One thing that would be cool is a “TV mode” where popular new videos would play in sync with other users, and there could be a chatroom for chilling, discussing the video, getting to know people, etc. People could also elect videos to play for everyone and those elections could be up/downvoted.

  6. I’ve been watching you for a long time now, and it really gets to me that this is happening with so much stuff on youtube. I really appreciate you putting forward all of this into this platform and while I don’t really make any videos, I do make art, and maybe I can find a way to record myself drawing and that would be enjoyable for people here to watch, high or sober. idk. I’ve never done it before I wouldn’t know where to begin.

  7. hows it going arend? I love that you made a platform for weedtubers but im tryhing to figure out where all my weedtubers went after being deleted….like indoortokers, the dab spot(i see she has an account here but only one video posted), customgrow420, crutch420, og420, straincentral, just to name a few….what other platforms are there besides youtube and here that they could possibly run off to when deleted….sorry im stoned as fuck and rambling just lost without my goto weedtubers….but before I go….arend please continue on this awesome journey of yours you have the most awesome look on life and an even more awesome personality.

    much love and the utmost respect,

  8. Hey love,
    First of all I’m so proud of you for following you heart and doing this. Its no small feat and I know you’ll thrive here. I love and support you for all you’re doing so keep pushing!
    I have two questions for your next q&a sesh. 1) what is the future for weedtube looking like? I’m so excited lol 2) with such a big pay cut from leaving YouTube, will it hurt you financially? Will weedtube be able to replace that lost income? Sorry I know it’s personal.
    Much love ❤️

  9. I freaking love you and mac, evelyn, tim,…. Towards the end of last year when I watched marijuana mermaid and saw your video in the featured listing… I never expected to feel like I know you and really feel so connected to the cannabis crew on yt. You are all sooo different from everyone else on there… its awesome that theres a place where we can still watch you. Thank you for everything you do!

  10. Arend!! First of all, I just want to say that I’m a huge supporter of yours and I think that what you do is so fucking important. Not only for education purposes, but for people who are introverted and feel like outcasts and sometimes have a hard time. People like me. People that now look to you as a friend (despite never having met!). Please keep going. The work that you’re doing and the way that you’re handling the hand you’ve been dealt is seriously inspiring…
    I do have a question. I’m a person that deals with anxiety. I’ve had good highs and bad ones (didn’t know the strains I was smoking at the time). Anyway, I know that you’ve talked in videos about anxiety and paranoid feelings while high and how to kinda handle it. I know that weed is safe and that it’s never caused any deaths, but I have moments where I worry about what I’m smoking being laced with something else or having something added to it that’s not natural and safe. Whether it be from dispensories or from a third party (if I’m in an illegal state). Is there any way that I can make sure that what’s being smoked is 100% what it’s supposed to be and safe, so that I can put my mind at ease (at least in that aspect) and enjoy getting lit as fuck??
    I don’t know if anyone else has this question or not. If it’s a good one, feel free to talk about it on Watch and Sesh. If not and I’m just weird and alone in this…oops! ;P

  11. luv u arend and good luck! I kinda love the fact that the only sector of youtube that has taken the first step at a viable alternative platform is the weedtubers. so much for the lazy stoner stereotype 🙂 also do you think youll ever upload all your old videos here on TWT?

  12. Love you<33 Universe. Man, you give me the feels:) I have read the energy of the universe is Love. ~ May Love spread like a fountain overflowing, springing up, causing all things to flourish. ~ Thank you, so much. As someone who feels led to influence, as well as a fellow human being, my heart goes out to all you. <3333333 I'll sit with you, my friend. And I shall stand in the gap! I hope for others to join. This gift is not one to be demonized<3 All lettuce comes from our Creator God with much love&&The Word is, it's GOOD, y'all! I rather enjoy Red's complementary color—green:) You're so right about makeup videos=D Legit, bro. Much appreciation for allowing content not expressly containing cannabis! Makes things much easier for States where Constitutional freedom is being suppressed<3 Right on! Thanks again:))

  13. YouTube ain’t finna stop me from watching my favourite creators, I’m excited for the new layout when that comes, hopefully I won’t lose my subscriptions again lol, but if so I will resub everyone. I hope people hear about the injustice YouTube is putting cannabis influencers through because they shouldn’t be allowed to fire people who aren’t doing anything illegal. Can you give us any sneak peek to videos you’re planning on making now that you’re free to do whatever you want? Thanks for all the great content throughout the years and more to come <3

  14. 100% agree with respect to the universe and the path it’s taking us all on. Remaining principled and awake is so huge. Thank you for inspiring us and for having integrity. I’m all about this and moving to TWT. You’ve helped to create a platform for cannabis. This is bigger than all of us – it’s about legalization, it’s about information, and breaking down the systematic undermining of 420 communities and people of color. We ARE on the right track. Let’s keep it going. I’m here.

    1. Suggestion heard! Actually, rumor has it that the next layout that is coming out in a little over a month will be WAY more user friendly 🙂 Just keep in mind we started this thing quickly as a safe space. We are a little behind schedule for what any other site would be if they had advanced notice. I promise you I’m losing sleep over providing the best platform possible.

    1. It’s their new CEO. It’s like getting a new principal in high school who has never been to that high school before. We all got expelled. Even tho most of us were good kids.

  15. Hi Arend! Of course I followed you over here from Youtube. Living in a conservative illegal state I get a huge kick out of your out and proud posts! Because of you I’ve found WeedTube and have set up an account. Also thank you for representing the LGBTQ stoner community well, I can’t wait to see what you will do with this new platform!!!!

  16. As soon as you posted about them deleting your channel, i made a weed tube channel. Fuck them Arend. They dont deserve any weedtubers presence. You guys NEED to make an app for this ASAP though, i hate using it on my safari…

  17. Sad to see today that they actually deleted your channel. Glad to make the transition over to the weedtube with you, it’s my favorite thing to come home and smoke watching one of your videos, occasionally eating lmao. Living in an illegal state makes it so much more entertaining to watch your videos, because some things I can not do or use that you can easily! Nonetheless, I’ll be rooting you on on your Weedtube journey 🙂

  18. Oh no! I missed your last youtube video… I’m so upset that they’re doing this. I really want to know what the true reasons are for them doing this?… Is it political? At a time when more and more states are legalizing it just doesn’t make sense. I never watched your videos just because you smoke weed, I watched them because you’re amazing! You have a beautiful soul and such a wonderful personality! I am so happy that you have theweedtube.com to turn to. I love you Arend! You were put on this planet to inspire people and you’re more than living up to that potential!!! My questions for you are: What do you think the true reasons are for youtube deleting all the weedtubers are? Also, What have been the longer term effects of you giving your dogs the CBD oils, if any and how much do you give them? I love the video you did on this and would love to hear more details about it. Thank you so much for all do and all you contribute to the world!!! -Love Jade <3

  19. Glad that you’re still chasing your dreams and that you’ve been able to create and have this platform here. I can’t wait to continue to watch you and support you.

    If you don’t mind me asking, is there any chance that your old videos that were on YouTube will be uploaded over here? I’m sure that’s a tedious process, but I was just wondering.

    Keep being amazing in every way!

  20. hey arend!! the last youtube video made me sad but this one has brought me back to life!!! the universe is abundant with everything you need and everything happens for a reason. my question is how are you doing and who is currently living in your house? i don’t even know anymore ???????? much love ????????

  21. I love watching your videos Arend. You always bring a smile to my face (and I often learn things). You have charisma.
    I hope the archived content from your old YouTube site eventually be uploaded here. There are some that I’d like to watch (and watch again).

  22. Left ya a comment on your channel just before ya got deleted & still wanted you to see it.

    Thanks for the entertaining lessons, the heartwarming and hilarious stories that you’ve told and created, the community you built with us viewers and the memories you shared and we have gotten to be apart of together, Barbara! But we’ll be going to greener pastures 😉 I’ve already converted over to TWT and can’t wait to continue to support the content as long as you continue to create. I can’t wait to see both you and everybody who comes over to TWT growth as you get to thrive on a platform without arbitrary censorship. If you thought you were a boss on Youtube, you’ll be the fully evolved Boss Ass Bitch that getting mad coin. It’ll be so much more liberating and redeeming to see the success you have on a site you built from scratch without the stress of posting, and your content will surely grow because of it, rather than posting for another that clearly hasn’t valued or acknowledged your success(That 100k plaque better be in the mail atleast). Aside from the term “Youtuber” as a whole getting a bad rep/ overexposed and causing unnessesary mess that got this strictness in the first place, maybe now you can have a more respectable term as a leader. The greass may be greenr on the other side with the establishment you tube has, but over on TWT the grass will always be green and frosty until it gets lit up. While you may have been forced to decide to post this vid, you got to make the last call, tell us what was happening and share one last amazing video that encapsulated the humor and cultural importantce of the channel that many didn’t have, and that now no one can take your success away regardless of Subcriber counts. Keep it pushing and keep passing the love(& blunt) around, Arend! You’re Free

  23. Hey Arend

    Supporting you and your decision all the way. Hope that the weedtube will be what all you creators want and need it to be!

    Do you think youtube is at all aware of what they are losing with deleting all those channels?

  24. I’m excited to see where life takes you!! One step back and 5 steps forward! We are all here to support you and you will thrive ???? would you be willing to do something crazy for the weedtube and maybe do a full gram dab in the future?? I think everyone would love that ????

  25. Hey Arrend, I’ve been watching since last summer when I smoked weed for the first time. I found your videos when I was looking for how to smoke weed so I wouldn’t look like and idiot my first time. You made me laugh more times than I could count. I’m so thankful for you. I’m also gay and my parents kicked me out basically. They don’t talk to me either. I feel like we have a little in common. I can’t wait to support you and watch your content. Hope you see this! You got this Arrend!

  26. I have been watching you on youtube for years. I hope everything works out for you! I love your videos and they have helped me through a lot. I cant wait to see your weedtube subscribers surpass your youtube subs.

  27. Been watching your videos for a while it sucks that YouTube has done to you and the rest of the people. Looking forward to more videos on here you have my support and thanks for the laughs

  28. Arend!
    The first video got me real shock up!
    XD i remember that i registered since the first vid u mentioned the weed tube xD
    Forgot to suscribe first time, xD
    Not this time,

  29. Hey Arend! I have been watching your videos for a while now. You have made me laugh countless times so I could not bear to watch you leave YouTube. That is why I just came over to th hos platform and I am now your 1000th subscriber!

  30. Arend I am so fucking sorry this is happening to you. It pisses me off so much to see you go through this. Like i can’t even imagine pouring my heart into something so fully like you have with YouTube and then having it all taken away over something so incredibly, for lack of a better word, petty. No you know what that is a perfect word. It is petty. You are of legal age, you use it for a medical condition, and you live in a legal state. Why is there any problem. I really dont understand. UHG!!! I completely understand why you are doing this but i hate that you have to. You can bet your ass that im going to follow you over to the weedtube. I love you and im proud of you. You are amazing. Youtube “girl bye????” Weedtube “hey Barbara, Vanessa, Tamra ????‍♀️????” lol. Thank you Arend for all of your great content. Keep it up on your site. Fuck youtube.

  31. I can’t wait to see what you do. We will remember the bugs on this site and share it as a beautiful maker for how far you will have come when it’s a monster site. I will enjoy the ride with you. You make a difference and I feel your passion.

  32. This is so exciting Arend! Good on you for taking initiative to build a new platform and making the hard decision to pull away from YouTube! It’s a big move but we’ll be here to support you!

  33. Totally support you in whatever you do! I’ll follow you anywhere! You were my favorite YouTuber! Just wondering if there is going to be an app for the Weedtube anytime soon? Keep your head up Arend! We got you!

  34. Told ya i’d Follow you any where! Anyway.. I’m taking this as a sign. I always wanted to be a content creator but before I could start I saw the writing on the wall with YouTube & sat back & watched the platform burn freedfom of empression.. not to mention the platform being so large, I felt I would just be a drop on the bucket, but here, I trust you, I trust this site & I think I’m ready to post something on here.. you’re a gift to people Arend.. weirdos like me with no where to go & you’re trying to build us a home & I love it. Thank you. Always move forward :).

  35. After they took StrainCentral’s channel down I immediately knew this was coming. I’m so sorry this is happening to y’all. Just created my Weedtube account so I could follow you. We’re here for you, dude. Maybe create a Patreon so you can stablish some sort of revenue until you become a Weedtube partner or whatever? I’d help for sure!

  36. Omg when I saw you were quitting YouTube I almost died!!! But now we have a better cite! Im hella proud of you for taking ur own path, and I know it’s gunna pay off. You absolutely help me every day when I watch (and re-watch) ur videos. I can’t get enough of ur videos and I can’t wait until weed tube is a big ass company, and Arrend Richard is a household name, i will get to say that I was ur 778 subscriber!!!!! Please keep posting and make the weed tube app! U have totally become my hero for choosing to go ur own way, keep it up! – ur #1 puppet

    1. Arend,

      I would talk with Marc and Jodie Emery. Marc’s Twitter is Marcscottemery. They are the founders of Cannabis Culture and have a large following on pot.tv and have YouTube problems. I bet you they would jump on this if you Twitter them. Hey, cannabis will be legal in all of Canada by this summer.

  37. First of all, I sincerely hope that you’re even more successful on this platform as you are on YouTube. Best of luck! Second of all, I have an amazing idea for a smoking game. Take a fat pull every time Arend says the word “like”. Gonna get hella baked.

  38. I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED!!!! I’m about to keep this site up all day. Just saying, THANK YOU.

    More importantly, now my hesitations for uploading my weird socially unacceptable self is gone.
    It’s time to jam, dude.

  39. I’ve been using the weed tube since the literal moment it was opened and I would like to say the progress you have made to this sight already is incredible… I have the most faith that you know what you want from this sight and I can’t wait till the app comes out. Much love to you and keep doing what you love!

  40. I already watched this on the youtube but felt the need to watch it again on here bc i support you and what you are doing for this community. You are so courageous for standing up and putting everything on the line to create a safe and relaxed environment for cannabis users to share their lives online. Thank you Arend and I am sending you so many positive vibes and strongest hugs xoxo

  41. Much love Arend! I am new to your channel (found you within the last year) but you have captivated me with your content and personality. I’m heart broken to hear that yourself and other great stoner youtubers are being forced off youtube. But I’m here to stay! You got this my friend! And you have all of my love and support <3

  42. You got The Kush Couch’s support Arrend. I am sorry for your loss but am very excited for your creation of The Weedtube! To help you out The Kush Couch from now on will upload directly to The Weedtube and use your platform. Right now I am still in the learning stage of making content and my 4 episodes are still newb status, but am more confident in your platform to not be deleted for smoking legal cannabis. Going into youtube I know that eventually my content will be deleted as well, so I’ve supported The Weedtube.com as much as I can. I’ve even made buissness cards with a QR vode going to your site! I’m super excited for where The Weedtube is going! Thankyou Arrend for your creativity and inspiring me to start my own channel and making content. Love you brother <3 There is always a seat here on The Kush Couch for you my friend.

    Much love,
    Derek 2.0 from The Kush Couch

  43. Just came from YouTub, I honestly love the whole vibe of this site and ill be here with you every step of the way Arend! I know its hard but believe me, your videos have helped so many people. NEVER STOP
    Love You

  44. alright so i got a couple of questions, 1. why the hell is youtube doing this shit now people have been talking about weed and uploading weed related content for fucking years so why now?, 2. why is the ad revenue being cut in half just because you uploaded weed related content?, and 3. how are your puppies they’re so cute? also i’d just like to say that i really support what you’re doing and just saying fuck youtube you a bad bitch for doing your last video the way you did fuck all the bullshit i love you man ????

  45. Once the site makes money as a company. Would you guys be willing too make merch and have a merch on the site. That’s the one thing youtube doesn’t have. The only way you get their merch is if you have it made yourself or go too an event they are throwing.

  46. Arend I would like to send much thanks and appreciation for what you are doing. You’re videos were very moving! I follow you on all of your social medias, and watch all of your stories everyday! This isn’t the end, only the beginning to bigger and better things! It may not mean much but you Arend, Mac, and koala have recently inspired me to try and make content. Thank you for the inspiration! I can’t wait to be apart of such an amazing community! With much love – ColorMyWorldGreen ????

  47. Hola, Arrrand *spelled in dutch* lmao very nice to be here! Thank You for investing in such great site. Taking the risk might make you even more profit in the future than on ShitTube 🙂
    Much Love Your OG Fan StonedUnicorn

  48. Hey Arend, I followed you here from Youtube. You are amazing and make me laugh and smile with every video. I’ve been a wallflower in the community for a long time and have been thinking about possibly diving in myself. Would you be able to give me some tips to get started? Maybe you could do a video for people like me who want to get started, but can’t afford all the fancy tech haha

  49. Yo Bro. The only reason I’m commenting is to support you. I found you channel on YouTube at the beginning of this year. It’s kinda upsetting that YouTube is being such a BITCH but life goes on, you can only better yourself from here. I only have one question which is what was your “highest High”, how was the experience? #StonerSupport #MuchLove from SA!!!

  50. I’m very proud of you Arend and I hope the Weed Tube really takes off so your life (especially financially) can stabilize.

    When I first started smoking I was the only one among my close friends and family who did it and the people I did know who smoked did not set the best example for me in terms of where I wanted to be mentally, emotionally, or financially. I watched Josh from Stain Central (RIP) first and learned about HOW to smoke like I knew what I was doing. But when I found your channel I fell in love with your personality and how you think about life, and your watch and sesh videos gave me a friend to hang out with when I felt ostracized, or like I was doing something wrong when all I wanted was peace of mind and a better sense of self (which cannabis has helped with immensely– I’ve had intense anxiety for as long as I can remember). I love your content and I wish you all the success in world. I will definitely follow you to your new channel. Good luck:)

  51. I would love to see all the cannabis creators here. We support you, we love your content, and we love your integrity. Hang in there,those of us who love you will follow you regardless of the platform.

  52. So excited to see where this whole idea and site is going to go!!!! It’s amazing that you had this idea and acted on it!!! I can’t wait for the app to come out and for you to continue to post! I only started watching you just recently and I fell in love with your content! Ever since I started it’s been a huge rollercoaster of emotion and you didn’t quit, you pushed through and you got this!!

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