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What it’s like to smoke weed for the first time and how it feels…

Hopefully, this video was helpful enough for anyone looking to smoke for the first time. In this video, I talk to you guy’s about what it’s like smoking weed for the first time and what the effects might possibly feel like. During this video, if at any time you enjoy it leave a like and subscribe for more content. If you or a friend is looking to smoke weed for the first time please make sure you are in a legal state and if not please be extremely careful. Tomorrow I will be talking to you about my first experience with weed and I will be telling you guy’s how it all happened from beginning to end. Here on my channel I post a variety of different videos, from vlogs to skits and smoking videos even reviews. So if you didn’t enjoy this video please feel free to check out the rest of my videos that I have posted here on my weed tube channel there are a lot of videos to choose from. You can watch me smoke an extendo joint, you can even watch me make pipes out of fruits and smoke out of them. Surprisingly that turned out very well, Hopefully, soon we will be able to film a dispensary tour and or film some medical strain review videos. if you would like to see that please let me know in the comments down below. I am always interested in hearing feedback from you guys and I’m open to any video suggestions and ideas that you have for me. Mostly here on this channel it is based around me smoking weed so that’s the majority of the videos here on my channel I hope you enjoy watching as much as I enjoy posting for all of you guys. I still have yet to find the right time to upload videos so I’m also working on an uploading schedule so I can stay more on track and be focused on the days I have to film so I hope that turns out better once I start. Stay High Stay Awesome Peace out!

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