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Week 6 Vegetation for the Chemdawg Beginner Grow Series: SCROG Net Filling up Fast!

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What up GreenBox Growers and welcome back for week 6 of vegetation to be chemdawg beginner grow series! So now that we have gotten that plant all defoliated and we have added that second light in, you can see that that plant on the left is caught up while it is not caught up but it is definitely doing much better. And I can imagine in the next week or so it should be at the scrog and then hopefully after the following week after that, it will be through the scrog. And then after those two weeks hopefully we will be able to go into flower.

Yeah so the second light is definitely helping with the left plant and speeding the growth up for that. I think like Cody was saying, the right plant I just kind of overgrown the left one and was kind of shadowing it and that is why it hasn’t really reached this frog yet. But I would say hopefully this week is the week when it will reach the scrog and then hopefully throughout next week we will fill out the scrog net and then like Cody was saying after that we will flipping to flower. So now that you guys know we are doing in this week’s video, let’s get started with day one of the week!

Hey guys, welcome back to the chemdawg grow series! So does the first day of this week and today we are not going to be doing too much since we have been doing a whole lot with the plants yesterday. We are going to be doing a misting, of course go ahead and shake your tnb Naturals CO2 canister. And then we are going to raise a the light power of it on our new light over here.

It is going to go up another 7 to 10% somewhere in there, the dial is not totally precise and just to remind you this is our new CannaGrow 200w LED that we put in this tent just to augment the light power For the plants. Okay so let’s get that misting going for the guys, all right and I already shook the CO2 canister because I like to do it early in the day so they get the maximum benefit of the CO2. So that’s already taken care of, the light is raised and we will see you guys tomorrow for day 2!

Hey guys welcome back to become dog grow series! It is the second day of the week and we have kind of a lot of things to do today. So for one we are going to be shaking our TNB naturals CO2 canister of course. We are going to be doing a little bit of LST here, we are going to be doing a nutrient feeding today, it is week 4 of the vegetative cycle from the fox farm Dirty Dozen feeding schedule.

And we wanted to point something out here, so on the right plant you can see there is some markings showing up on the leaves, and this is a sign of a Calcium deficiency, Cal Mag deficiency. So what we are going to do today is double the amount of cal-mag that we use in our gallon of water. So we will use two teaspoons instead of one.

Hopefully that will make the difference but we will have to just keep an eye on it and see what happens so, this is the first time this has happened to me on this grow, so you know some trouble has to happen and then, you have to learn somehow. And then other than that we are going to be doing some misting as usual, and then that should do it. It is a gallon of water today, like I said.

Ok GreenBox Growers, that officially concludes week 6 of vegetation for the Chemdawg Beginner Grow Series by Cody! So yeah now that we have bad left plant reaching the scrog net, the goal is to start training it outwards and hopefully we can get it to fill up that end of the scrog and getting a full plant on that end.

So we will see what happens in the next one to two weeks and hopefully we can get the flower at that point. Yep so hopefully we can get it to train out and fill that half of the SCROG Net pretty quickly.

And we will see you guys back here shortly for the week 7 update of vegetation for the Chemdawg Beginner Grow Series! until then I just want to thank you guys for watching this week’s episode, we really appreciate it and until next time…

Happy Growing!

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