Watch and Sesh LIVES ON!!!

Watch and Sash is back!!! I can’t say how awesome it is to be able to continue this series that I have always had so much fun making for all of you. A few reminders: This video was uploaded through Vimeo so there will not be buffering issues.

Things I address in this episode:

My plans for the future. Plans for past videos to be uploaded. Plans for TheWeedTube (will there be an app?)

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  1. FMPWARM! 🙂
    You are so amazing! Def subscribing to your channel & can’t wait to watch the rest of your videos! I loved your last 2 videos, def helped with so many questions I had about The Weed Tube! Fuck YouTube!!!! I almost went there, but def gonna stay right here! So grateful for you guys starting this up & for risking so much for TheWeedTube!!! We are all safe here! I’m so excited to be apart of the community, you have no idea! I have so much content I want to start working on, once my data is all organized! Can’t wait!!! 🙂

  2. Hey Arend, glad I found you here. I had a question that I don’t think was covered in the video- Are you/your team reaching out to the content creators that have been taken down and if so what kind of response have you gotten?

  3. They literally deleted all of the weedtubers I follow on YouTube . All of them. Even a few that weren’t too popular . Guess they are deleting every damn one Smdh . Glad I found this place

  4. ———AREND are you going to be reuploading your videos from youtube? I didnt realize anything had happened and went to find a link and was flipping out when I didnt see all your videos. I am so happy for you that you are on theweedtube now. I think you will enjoy it so much more.

  5. i really needed this today. I am alone most of my day. i hate smoking alone. i use marijuana for my anxiety, it was very very bad today. i needed this video so badly, so thank you for that!

  6. First off Arend, what an informative video! I watched all of it as usual cuz you always capture my attention.thanks for getting into the numbers and satisfying our curiosity. Second, dude your are good people, idealistic and altruistic. I’m older than you (middle aged) and you inspire me. I feel like TheWeedTube is going to thrive and you and your team are going to get your just deserts. I’m rooting for you to get your dream AND get super successful. Thank you Arend for all you are doing for the community. Much love.

  7. Just an idea; why don’t you shift some of the focus to the medicinal side? Strain reviews geared towards treating different things, or alternatives/recipes to smoking cannabis in case they can’t? You’ve already done some awesome cbd videos with tincture too. I feel like everyone is more open-minded about the medicinal side of cannabis culture so my theory is maybe you could get extra traffic to the site with some more educational stuff. Sending you love and light!

  8. I don’t even smoke anymore just because of work and haven’t for years but love watching you guys and have religiously for the last year or longer. I wanna say I completely respect you and what your are trying to do. Also huge props for telling us the numbers you made through YouTube and brand deals. That has always been something I’ve been curious about and glad you said it. I think what your are doing is great and will work out. I will continue watching as always but I know this will grow so quick once you get the app out. Much love!

  9. You literally made me cry with this video! I could watch you all day! I’ve been trying to figure out wtf I want to do with my life, and I know it has to be something that will help others and this planet, and it has to be ethical and standing for the good! I just want to help better this world we live in and you really hit my soul with what you were saying about what you will do with the funds! I’m so glad I first found you on The Weedtube and can’t wait to have my own space to create my own videos!

  10. Thank you so much for posting this arend! Thank you for answering my question I feel special haha! I felt so empowered watching this. I can tell you’re so empathetic and kind, I aspire to be like that as well. I admire you so much and hope we can work together soon. There is NO ONE BETTER FOR THIS JOB THAN YOU. You will guide us in the right direction, unlike youtube. I can see you vision and I support you 420%!!!! I volunteer as tribute!!! lol I would absolutely volunteer my time and energy to come work for the weedtube for free… @ [email protected] I’m always free…. honestly.. lol… I love you and the weedtube and I’m so so excited to be a Cannabis content creator. There’s no other site I’d rather be on. Thank you x100!!!! Ps. I’m trying to get out videos but I’m poor and lack of equipment blah blah I’m trying so LETS GET ITTT. I have so many ideas. I want to help and educate people too. Much love arend! -karye

  11. Would it be helpful if those of us who do know what happened posted comments on your vlog videos telling people to check out Weedtube? I don’t really have money to donate, but I want to help.

  12. fmpwarm! You’re awesome Arend, keep your head up. You’re an incredibly intelligent and adaptable person. Just realize that money comes and goes always. It’s super scary losing your income but keep making money moves and use your head and you will come out on top. Wishing nothing but the best for you and theweedtube!

  13. im glad i am able to watch your videos because i have a lot of anxiety and i deal with BPD and PTSD and somoetimes i have bad breakdowns because my emotions are so intense and afterwards i feel like i am alone like i dont belong anywhere and i am not good enough because i feel like no one understands me but your vidoes always make me feel less alone and like i belong and that i can get past these bad times i am so thankful for you i will always be a supporter

  14. I love you so much, i will always be here and support you with whatever or wherever you go, your videos and you as person have kept me going through so many hard times.
    I could never repay you for the influence you’ve had on my life, but i’ll do my best❤.

  15. first off, fmpwarm

    secondarily this was an incredibly informative video I am so happy I watched it!!! you are doing amazing things Arend, and you are such a genuine and hard working and dedicated human that I have no doubts that this is the start of something very amazing and that it will bring you nothing but success and happiness. just keep putting out good vibes into the world and working hard and you will thrive! loved this video cannot wait until the next one!!

  16. You can always do a throwback Thursday with the old videos. Also I love Shane Dawson as well. This was amazing to watch, its awesome to see how you didn’t let this hold you back but go well now I have to do something better. It almost makes me want to start a channel with your passion. Keep on rocking it!


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