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Vlogmas Day 5: Wake and Bake (Dabs&Coffee)

Todays video is just a relaxing vlog where I bake up a little, sip some coffee, and take a nice dab. Check my Instagram for pictures of the bud and dabs up soon. I hope everyone enjoyed this video, thanks for watching. Stay Blazed, Stay Dazed.
~Headphones Recommended~

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All music rights go to FAVORMUSIK, JK-47, CASEY CALHOUN
Songs: Snowed In – FAVORMUSIK
Christmas Time Iz Here (Remix) – JK-47
Snow Dayz – Casey Calhoun

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FAVORMUSIK: http://favormusik.bandcamp.com
JK-47: https://soundcloud.com/jkwyche
Casey Calhoun: https://soundcloud.com/caseycalhounbeats

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Instagram: BlazedxDazed369
Tumblr: BlazedxDazed
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  1. I really like your videos, you seem really chill and you seem to be having fun creating content. And (besides the big weedtubers on here) you make consistent content which I personally enjoy; most weedtubers I subscribed to don’t make consistent content at all. But yeah, I really enjoy your stuff and your personality so keep it up!


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