Yield Per Plant, SCROG Cannabis, Nutrient Burn - Q&A #1

Yield Per Plant, SCROG Cannabis, Nutrient Burn - Q&A #1



Published on November 15, 2019

In this Q&A video I talk about yield per plant, the SCROG technique while growing cannabis, nutrient burn, and answer several other questions as well. I would like to do more Q&A videos like this one so please leave your questions in the comments section below. Cheers! :)


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weedbliss 8 months ago
my last run I had 4 plants flowering under an 11/13 light cycle and I noticed it really brings out the individuals plants pheno types so I would really recommend if pheno hunting. even then, would recommend trying as the garden turned out gorgeous!!! the colours and smells were amazing!!!
siayourcannaguy 8 months ago
I do the 11-13 light schedule
larryp1962 8 months ago
FYI GYO is legit
Woody86 8 months ago
Does removing fan leaves in the begining of flower affect yield?
Fishheadman 8 months ago
Started my first grow, kind of a mess but semi scrogged with no topping and bent top down a little late. First mistake was basing my timing on the biggest plant that turned out to be male. 2 plants now 3x3 it has been a learning experience. Currently in week 4 of flower. Plant 1 has had no trouble plant 2 had over wet soil, underwater/overwater, heat or light burn. Still kicking.
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