Yellow Eyeshadow | Full Face GRWM!


Published on June 09, 2019

Heeeeey! Hope you enjoyed my firstvideo in a while.. Stick around for future videos!

Have a lit rest of your day! PEACE! :}

Category : Health & Beauty


ArendRichard 2 weeks ago
Literally a fantastic video! 10/10 makeup!
cannasseurq 2 weeks ago
OMG Damn, those wings!!! I love your aesthetic and all the yellow and your thumbnail is so cute!!! Welcome back! <3 Can't wait to see more c:
emilybee420 2 weeks ago
You’re so cute! I love your whole vibe girl!
bitcheslovefood 2 weeks ago
Loved the makeup look girly and all the funny little bloopers throughout :)
dabbinhart 1 week ago
I love this look

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