Will Vaping Kill You? How to make sure you're safe

Will Vaping Kill You? How to make sure you're safe



Published on September 10, 2019

With a lot of people talking about the recent deaths linked to Cannbis, I thought I had to make a video and clear a lot of the bullshit that has been said. Separate out what type of *vaping* is being talked about here, and how to make sure you are safe from harm.

Most people that vap

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Meechie69 9 months ago
As long as it’s cannabis derived Terps or terps That come from cannabis they’re fine
inhalenreport420 9 months ago
everyones gotta be aware we need more content on this issue.
Yamos 9 months ago
Thanks for confirming my suspicions. This was a very helpful video.
yeahimstoned 9 months ago
dope video
mhinojos4l 9 months ago
Here is the thing: we dont know the long term effect of vaping (even if its a cartridge that is lab tested)--while yes, these deaths were related to black market vapes and they are linked to vitimin E and other fillers that can be harmful; we cannot disregard that there are also products on the legal market still making it by with probably putting the same kind of additives. like the sauce carts, they are still made with a solvent and we dont really know the long term effects of that either. So people should still worry no matter what theyre smoking/ingesting. just know your sources and dont buy stuff with hype around it.
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