Will Biqtch Puddin Do RuPaul’s Drag Race? || Part 2


Published on April 29, 2019

Hey again everyone! I hope you enjoyed Part 1! In Part 2, Biqtch discusses more about drag race and what their coming out experience was like! Enjoy Part 2!

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bluntlynicole 1 month ago
we LOVE a pt 2. Now following Biqtch on everything
kmw5501 1 month ago
Next level! Loved
mommabelle 1 month ago
_,\|/,_ ELECTRIC! _,\|/,_
cannasseurq 1 month ago
Damn this was lit. I don't even remember half the comments I was going to type, but I'm a Biqtch stan now tbh. Hell yeah!
laurenfabbro 1 month ago
Melissa Befierce could fuck it up on drag race

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