Why You SHOULDN'T Be An Influencer Now + Update On Life

Why You SHOULDN'T Be An Influencer Now + Update On Life



Published on October 09, 2019

Today a discussion of the state of influencer marketing, how the markets are doing & what’s been new in my life...

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Ganja_Guy808 7 months ago
told not to get in the game because it's saturated!?!?????wow tell that to swarzenegger ,hells angels , Harrison Ford, Sam l. Jackson. literally the worst advice I've heard from a positive community, just got to put in the work alot of work. to get to your goal! much love smoked if u gotem
HempHead 7 months ago
Cheak out Trulieve Cannabis. TRUL:CNX
Yamos 7 months ago
Dude, your channel and advice is always good. Your Cannabis tea is the better, stronger, more cost effective than any edible on the market.
cmntImg 7 months ago
thanks for sharing, great stuff I think that most of this stuff depends on your work ethic and quite frankly, how market viable you are, also who you are offline as well. But I definitively wouldnt say to NOT do it just because other people are doing it too, that's kind of insecurity kicking in, especially considering the potential of the payout
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