Why i wasn't in end game... (feat Friendlybudss) w/ SHN, Big Oof, Extra 1, and camera man


Published on May 05, 2019
Yes, Its me SHN. as you can tell by the video time its already gonna be lit, dont believe me now thats obsurd.. just peep the vid might be dank who knows.

You know we got your girlMyk over @https://www.theweedtube.com/user/friendlybudsswe did it for clout purposes ;)

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Category : Comedy


hizbd 2 weeks ago
Loved this y’all are the best
funtimeart 2 weeks ago
cut to pretty girl hitting the glass. I like
davidsdankiestdoobs 2 weeks ago
Welcome to the comments
friendlybudss 2 weeks ago
He’s subscribed to pewdiepie, OH SHIT HE IS A HERO

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