Why I Smoke Weed? Nerdy Bitch Style!

Why I Smoke Weed? Nerdy Bitch Style!



Published on April 23, 2019
In light of Apple being reluctant to approve the app, I've decided to make probably the most difficult video I've made yet. I may seem very cheery, friendly and nice but it's really thanks to marijuana.
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kingindica 1 year ago
This was a good video. I’ve been debating on if I should make a “Why I Smoke Weed” video but like you, it may be hard. I agree with you on the social opportunities. Weed can connect you with SO many beautiful people that you otherwise wouldn’t have known. Ever since I was 14 I knew that stoners were mostly laid back and open-minded individuals that just gotta bad rep because of prohibition and stereotypes. In high school weed helped me socialize and make friends from very different social groups. Helps me relax. Good way to pass time. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I need to be productive if I slip up, but overall cannabis just helps with a lot of shit.
derastarr420 1 year ago
I related to so much of this video. Especially having to take a rip when even talking about your anxiety. Haha keep it up, Nerdy. This was great and very helpful
IndicaHaze 1 year ago
sweetie no need to feel anxious well posting for us, I just hit the subscribe button!
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