Why I Smoke Weed & Create on TWT


Published on April 21, 2019
Thank you for clicking on my second attempt at my second upload to the weed tube! In this video I talk about why I smoke weed and why I wanted to make a channel on the weedtube. It's not perfect-but it's mine. Who said that quote? I don't know but I love them for it. With each video my f
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creativeharm 2 weeks ago
Here's the way that I see it; If you're chasing the high and not allowing yourself to feel negative emotions, then yes, don't smoke everyday. I don't think it's the daily smoking that's the problem, but the intention that's the problem with mental health and drug use/cannabis use. I think it's ok to ease the pain, especially if it keeps you from self harm/suicide as long as you use it as a tool, and you're not constantly smoking or chasing the high, or using cannabis because you don't want to feel those emotions. I think there's a balance there, of letting yourself feel, and being aware, and getting help/therapy and using cannabis as a way of like "oh, there is positive things in the world" and as a safety net. BUT, if you're using cannabis because "Holy shit I'm awake and I feel emotional pain and I don't want to feel this" and just constantly smoking as soon as your not high, instead of set times (such as only at night) and your not dosing yourself, then yes...that becomes a problem.
heen 1 month ago
I don't dream either! hella weird, I usually have super vivid dreams but not when I've been stoney baloney
antisocialextrovert 2 weeks ago
Keep up the good work :) I'm here for very similar reasons!!!

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