Published on April 24, 2019
In this quick sesh, I discuss why I smoke weed recreationally & medicinally. I also talked about conscious consumption, why I think cannabis education is important, & MUCH more! I was also distracted by some humminbird DRAMA for a good portion of this! Lol. ENJOY!
Category : Why I Smoke Weed


clohejade 2 months ago
i always look forward to your videos on the weedtube, always loving the farm vibes!
kingindica 2 months ago
Yeah moderation is key. Now that I’m not in high school anymore I don’t feel the need to get extremely fried outta my mind (on most occasions). Once I reach my desired level of highness I stop. Don’t know how people can just toke allllllllllll day!
tmays 2 months ago
Since I don’t have access to a dispensary, I’ve been ordering CBD flower from blue ridge hemp and it is honesty SO good. Would definitely recommend.
laahuren91 2 months ago
Great video! It made me subscribe
provisional-stoner 2 months ago
Thank you for sharing and being so open! It's not an easy thing to do!

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