Why I HATE Sativa! : My Upcoming Tattoos<3

Why I HATE Sativa! : My Upcoming Tattoos<3



Published on September 17, 2019

Hey Everyone! I just wanted to explain my hatred of sativa weed and one of my really bad experiences when using it. I shaved my undercut and have two tattoos planned that I wanted to share with you!! Thank you for watching and existing in this world, have a lovely day:)

P.s: What colour do I dye

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NGOOB 9 months ago
thank you for the sub i subed back ... sweet video cant wait to see more
kushin’kels 9 months ago
Cute hair! I’m not a huge fan of sativa either. I feel ya
cmntImg 9 months ago
nice video, great stuff new subbie here hope we can support each other!
BusterMcCrab 9 months ago
Don't hate on sativa's you just have not smoked the right one. Also you seem energetic already. But there are some indica's that seem like sativa's. I would try a wake and bake with a 95 percent indica to 5 percent sativa in your bowl. mix it up you might become a believer.
blackberryku$h 9 months ago
not a fan of sativa much either but wouldn’t say i hate it tho ..just gotta find what’s best for ur body
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