Why highest testing doesn't actually matter!


Published on May 14, 2019

As a budtender, I hear the question "what's your highest testing?" nearly EVERY DAY. I'm here to tell you why that's not the best way to shop for yourcannabis! Thanks for hangin out, honeydips!

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geeksnglobbs710 2 months ago
thank you for spending knowledge instead of misinformation.
BrinnyKitty 2 months ago
This was super helpful and insightful! Thank you!
ArendRichard 1 month ago
Loving the consistent uploads love!
ash-rob-134 1 month ago
the nose knows
DabitheHuman 1 month ago
respect I've been in cannabis advocate since 2012 I worked in the medical marijuana industry then and you're kind of right, but I see what you're saying kind of like a placebo effect and the chemicals are referring to are cannabinoids(: one love

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