When The Weed Edibles Kick In | Loaded Up


Published on May 23, 2019

We all know that feeling of eating too many weed edibles and something important comes up. Enjoy this short skit "When The Kushy Punch Weed Edibles Kick In"

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Category : Comedy


KaleidoscopeMind 1 month ago
ArendRichard 4 weeks ago
I wanna be in a Loaded Up Skit I LOVE this!
burningmom 1 month ago
Too funny!
till-kief-do-us-part 2 weeks ago
yep lol I can't fux with too many edibles bc of this hahaha unless I make it myself or have already had them and know LOL... love your guys vids! watched them all the time on YouTube so glad this app is up and running now!
freshhlybaked93 4 weeks ago
I miss ya posting shit mannn I love it

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