When do you start trimming your leaves?

When do you start trimming your leaves?



Published on June 10, 2020

First 5 days in 12x12 pots in bigger room. Running ocean forest in new pots. Going to water in next few days . Want to know how do you clip/train your plants? I know the blue Dream likes to be topped. Old red nit so much . No idea about the triple purple rhino and one run on purple Haze isn't def

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Infalung78 3 months ago
plants are looking very healthy short compact going to be really stacked about another 30 days and it's going to be be smelling really really good in there keep on growing the good stuff. ✌
SKEastCoast 3 months ago
I couldn't hear you. Maybe try to talk closer to the camera and just during the recording you could turn off the fans. Garden looks great. Looks like you took the same idea I was thinking. Tents are too small, time to convert a whole room. Very nice. Just an idea, ceiling fans are totally quiet and keep plenty of air moving for the plants. A nice ceiling fan that's balanced well. Not a cheap wobbly one. Can't wait to see some buds.
ZoltrixGrower 3 months ago
looks good man. Looks like all of them could be topped if you want. 5 plus inches I go for but I'm trying a little taller so I don't have to clean the bottoms as much. I start plucking any time they are touching soil or the pot. And if they start bushing up and leaves are on leaves I pull some then too. If they are spaced nicely and air moves freely I leave them. You say you will water in the next few days? when was the last time they were watered? I ask because they have some droop but it may be the time of day or temp too. Happy growing!
-TheGrow420- 3 months ago
Very Nice!
MBPgroWithMe 3 months ago
Awesome, so nice. I didnt catch the strain. Your indoor grow set up is so perfect too! Def taking notes!
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