What's Really Killing Vapers?

What's Really Killing Vapers?



Published on October 04, 2019

Recently in the news there's been a negative spotlight on vaping and we're here to help clear some of that up. Today we want to help get you away from the fear mongering and try and explain the best that we can on what's really killing vapers.

We're not just speaking strictly on o

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kingman 7 months ago
it's all about stopping cannabis in 2020, giving it a bad image. they know it's a big issue and they will stop at nothing to slow down the movement. Remember the movie reefer madness, making people who smoke look like lunatics and killers, well this is the new style, calling it an epidemic while the line their pockets.
Biggchunx 6 months ago
I feel alot safer about vaping now ..I mean I hadn't stopped but this keeps my mind at ease having more information to go on..thanx cant wait for you're next video .
pigeon420 6 months ago
Awsome video man, people really need to know that theres a difference between products that are being sold by individuals and verified products
Pcox40 7 months ago
its always about money
pawly 7 months ago
Can’t wait to see more content!
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