What is a Fake Oil Cartridge?

What is a Fake Oil Cartridge?



Published on September 30, 2019

Recently in the news there's been a negative spotlight on vaping and we're here to help clear some of that up. Today we take a look at some way to make sure the oil cartridge you have is authentic to keep you out of harm's way from vaping something you shouldn't be.

If you'd l

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Herbit420 9 months ago
A couple of dick riding comments here...For real though good video, it has been basically nailed down to Vitamin E acetate as of today 11/9/19 Recent article from yesterday: People need to stop smoking this trash, it's not worth it.
Twiztdkitten 10 months ago
Thank you for the info ✌️
Leefhed 8 months ago
Thanks for this professional video. We vape dry flower only now. Oh well.
Biggchunx 9 months ago
damn this was waaaaay informative Haha thanx man I really hit the vapes hard especially stuck on the roves so it's hard to really kno but I mean I get my shit from the shop and pay top price Haha I kno the deals is to good to be true...... :(
itsmebdon 10 months ago
Hey there! I just came across your page and love your content! Can’t wait to see more :) Let’s support each other! Much love.
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