What Illegal Legalization Looks Like

What Illegal Legalization Looks Like



Published on October 05, 2019

POT TV – A red-eyed glimpse at Vancouver’s historic 420 protest.

Scanning the news, Parks Board meetings, the protest and its coverage, “What Illegal Legalization Looks Like” views Vancouver’s historic 420 protest to end cannabis prohibition through red, but sharp ey

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420reck 9 months ago
love it.. but rappers sorta just ruin the movement.. only a few of them actually contribute to the cause.. others just use it to get high.. which isn't bad but it isn't going to get it legalized rapping about it being in the streets.. but we'll still prevail nation wide despite the fools. #420friendly
taratv 9 months ago
Nice! Just found your channel, and HAD to comment - excellent videos! :) Let's support each other. Much love!
WingMaMaOG 8 months ago
I’ve been saying this for years!!! I love my community! My 420 community!! Weed for Life and I say this while I smoke my J up in India which is illegal! It’s my right to consume and put what I want in my body! My body my choice! I’m with you Canada! I’m with my people!
mike64 9 months ago
Marijuana was a big part of the old testament
BelleAdot420 8 months ago
Legalize weed!
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