What I do on rainy days - VLOGMAS DAY#6


Published on December 08, 2018
Hey buds,

so this day was a pretty lazy day at the dizzlepuffs house. It was a super rainy day so Koala and I just vegged out and watched some scary movies. Also you get to see half a second of the face of the guy im more or less seeing. Lol i will try to make the future ones more interesting!

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Category : Vlogmas


stonedalone 6 months ago
rainy days are chill af, it's so nice in Cali too because it's not cold as balls like everywhere else when it rains haha
lillisa 6 months ago
Omg!!!!! Marcus is so cute!! ??? I love you so much and I’m so glad you are happy!! ? you deserve!
capitainsalazar 6 months ago
I do the same thing in snowy days! #canadianstuff ? loveeeee ??
findyourpeace34 6 months ago
That seafood looked sooo good! Glad your man made it into the vlog! So happy you’re happy ?
avab 6 months ago
Are you going to post that 1000mg trip from your story?

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