Category : New Tubers
Published on November 08, 2018

In this video, I talk WAY too much about why I wanted to upload all things weed related to this platform instead of YouTube... All while I smoke a joint! ENJOY!


juliadank 5 months ago
So stoked for this new channel!! I was geeking when you and Sasha did the what's in my stoner bag, and when you ladies did the pizza talk on your channel so I'm so excited for these vids!! You probably don't remember but you guys answered one of my questions and laughed about how my last name is Dank lmao
eivvil 5 months ago
KWEEN i’ve watched you for so long i love this omg
ashbash 5 months ago
i am so excited for this new channel :) i've been following you for so long and cant wait to see new content from you <3
lina420 5 months ago
yay! welcome to the platform! :)
abbie-ca-dabi 5 months ago
Congrats on the new channel Meghan!! Can't wait to see more content from you on here :)