Published on November 08, 2018
In this video, I talk WAY too much about why I wanted to upload all things weed related to this platform instead of YouTube... All while I smoke a joint! ENJOY!
Category : New Tubers


stonedalone 7 months ago
Pumped to have you with us here on TheWeedTube!
grandgrimm 2 weeks ago
brooooo Lindsay's sister smokes weed! I fucking knew she was a hippie.
hippie_lexi_420 7 months ago
Yessssssssssss queen. I love seeing you on here. Cant wait to watch more videos
jessmatra 5 months ago
yessss so pumped to see you on the weedtube!!! more youtubers have gotta start creating content on here too!! what did chris and christine say about maybe joining the weedtube? a smoke sesh with the three of you is all we neeeddd lol
madelineann420 6 months ago
literally flipped out cause I didn't know you had one omg

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