Week 14: Blue Dream Complete Harvest (Chopping, Drying, Trimming, and Curing)

Week 14: Blue Dream Complete Harvest (Chopping, Drying, Trimming, and Curing)



Published on October 08, 2019

This video is meant for ages 21+. Beginner BUDZ does not condone any illegal activities. Our channel is merely meant for educational and documentary purposes. With one strain down, it's onto the next. This week we show you the entire harvest process for our Blue Dreams - from chopping to drying,

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ghost3011 1 year ago
use a straight edge to clean off your snips and roll your fingers and boom thats hash. same with the tricomes on the table scrape that up too
SKEastCoast 1 year ago
Beautiful buds. I like to trim with my fingers, no gloves. I can find the leaves faster by feeling them. Plus, I can go really fast. After a while you get a thick layer of finger hash that peels off in one big piece. If you wait to long to peel it, it sticks to a leaf and you lose it in the trash. This is some of the strongest best tasting stuff you can get from your buds. Sprinkle some pieces on top of the weed. Then I just clean the sticky off when I'm done with bong cleaner called Resinate. It makes your hands smell like bubblegum and gets them totally clean in seconds. No hard scrubbing. At least try it one time to see what you are washing off. Love the video. Keep making more.
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