Weedster: All-Candy Bong


Published on April 20, 2019
Welcome to Weedmath!

On this Easter-Themed edition, we try to show you how to make an ALL CANDY BONG, and we try really hard!

Deliciously Chocolaty and full of holidat spirit! Hopefully we can pull this off!

Category : New Tubers


ArendRichard 1 month ago
Favorite video I've watched today. I can't wait to see what else you guys do!
ArendRichard 1 month ago
The trash can shot cam lol
ArendRichard 1 month ago
Dave's gone lol
stonedalone 1 month ago
Y'all are taking it to epic proportions and I love it haha
ashley_4 4 weeks ago
Y’all are wild. I love it lol

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