Weed Trek - Chemtrail Forest Fires

Weed Trek - Chemtrail Forest Fires



Published on June 08, 2019

More wildfires on the way. We talk about how people are coping with the trauma from experiencing forest fires. Also, Wilson is a big douche. And the internet is out.

Category : Comedy


ephradina 11 months ago
The fires are so bad already. Last week we had so much smoke pour into Montana. Thought it might have been an inversion at first but once I started driving in it I knew it was smoke. Then I smelled it. So sad that its started already. Like WTF. 2017 was bad here in The Bitterroot Valley (Roaring Lion Fire) as well. Sorry you guys have been reliving those feelings again. I definatly know what you mean when you say that all you have to do is smell it and you are brought right back to when it all happened before. So many people lost their homes and had to start over from scratch here too. And the skys.... so crazy the orange red skys. It really does end up looking like mars when the skys look like that.
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