Weed/Beer/Taco Bell Mukbang *Too Lit*


Published on June 16, 2019

let me know if you guys like longer videos like this! i enjoytalking and chilling with you guys and i can't thank you enough for the engagement and kind words, stay high my friends :)

Category : Education


geoffrey 1 month ago
i'm glad someone else is the same way about the fire sauce lol! I didn't start smoking until 22
kyra-xoxo 1 month ago
ur sick asf and I support everything u do keep going man ur doing great
robert-west 1 month ago
I started smoking at 19 after I got hurt at a job I had for 2 years prior
kushpush420 1 month ago
I started smoking at 12, would smoke from time to time but really started smoking at 15, and your so right weed and school don't mix
mj_bird420 1 month ago
I like when people leave their coughs in because it feels like we just chillin

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