Wedding Cake strain review!

Wedding Cake strain review!



Published on November 23, 2019

Hello everybody, in today's video I will

be going over the strain Wedding Cake!It's my first ever weed tube video, socut me some slack! Let me know if I missed anything or what I could improve on! Also make sure let me know what typeof content you would like to see!

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SKEastCoast 8 months ago
You seem cool. Just subbed. I want to see you review some Godfather OG. It's the strongest weed in the world for 2019. I just got some Wedding Cake seeds from ILGM. I also have some White Runtz flowering. Also, try to find OG KushxBerries. Stuff knocks you on your butt and tastes like sweet pink candy. I found a couple of seeds in the bag.
cmntImg 8 months ago
great video, love to see It, new subbie here hope we can support each other!
lavishsmokes 8 months ago
New subscriber! Keep doing your thing! Check out my channel
THExHAZE 8 months ago
Hey, good first video. def tough getting that focus on the nugs with these cameras. I like the shirt. High five with indica couch locking :) I also have a new channel and hope you can check it out, I grew some melon cake and will giving a review on it soon along with 6 other homegrown strains. you got a sub from me and hope I can get some support from you as well. Stay blazed and keep doing what you love
HeartStrongGarden 6 months ago
saweet ♡♡
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