We Smoked a $2 Gram Joint and it was.... Interesting


Published on May 08, 2019



Winters finally over and Kate and I are SERIOUSLY missing the beach so . we drove down just . to say hi to it. It was fun. We smoked some fairly awful $2 grams from a dispensary that didnt quite seem up to the times. And then we headed to Portland t

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ArendRichard 2 months ago
Kate’s nails look fantastic:)
yeahimstoned 2 months ago
a $1 or $2 joint is more scary then intriguing lol still a dope video though brotha
provisional-stoner 2 months ago
Love dancing around the kitchen! Haha
thestonedlizard420 2 months ago
What's really sad is I bet those joints are still better than what I get in NY for $10 lol

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