We're Full! | Day 16 of Flower | Growing Under Mars Hydro | TWTGC

We're Full! | Day 16 of Flower | Growing Under Mars Hydro | TWTGC



Published on June 20, 2020

Hello Everyone and thanks for Clicking!

Today we are Day 16 of Flower and there is a new addition to the Flower tent, and the veg tent looks a bit different!

I Hope you enjoy, and if you do Please hit that Like button, drop a Comment down below, and Subscribe to see many more buds to come!


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SKEastCoast 1 month ago
It's so easy to have too many plants. Garden is great. Looking forward to seeing my seeds grow.
Staci420 1 month ago
Super nice in there bud! your girl scout cookies look a lot different with the topping and a couple leaves pulled. Is that how you trained that last male?
Wabbit 1 month ago
nice my friend, good plan executed, hahaha right on man, there all gonna be huge man, keep training that new one to fill in the spot as you have planned, excited for you man, gonna be great, stay safe and happy growing
rollanotherone 1 month ago
looking good! ill have to say i love my mars hydro, looks like there the same model. have a good weekend man
BSLady 1 month ago
pretty sweet buddy, love the vids!
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