We Need To Talk.

We Need To Talk.



Published on November 07, 2019

Todays video is not one that I upload with excitement. I have a lot of things to say about certain rumors floating around the community, as well as some transparency to shed on the entire view count situation. Throughout this video you will hear the companies perspective as well as my own on these i

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jennabis420 7 months ago
on a lighter note, i’ll tell you what I can’t handle....the mirror not being centered above your bed
miranda666 7 months ago
i’m kinda confused why ppl are mad that the co-founders get paid for their views??? how would it be fair if y’all didnt get paid for your hard work
blissfullydazed 7 months ago
Damn dude I’m 12 min in and I want to shower you with love and positive affirmations. It seems like this is just part of what comes with success making moves as big as yours and everyone on the team.
chunkystoner98 7 months ago
Thank you for sharing your side of the story. There have been ups and downs along the way but you all made it happen for us. I genuinely enjoy creating and having this opportunity and I have the weed tube team to thank for that. I know it must’ve been difficult to step down but with that, comes greater things for you! Im looking forward for your future content and looking forward to the future for TWT <3 Yall, treat people with kindness. <3
ms.candice1276 7 months ago
I CAME TO THE WEED TUBE BECAUSE OF YOU AND MAC DIZZLE!!! I was watching you on youtube when I was going thru my own shit and it really motivated me to get out of the funk I was in plus going on weed tube i found another weedtuber i’m enjoying now and i’m really sad this is happening. i hope you stay strong and come thru this with flying colors! STAY STRONG AREND! ♥️
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