We Are Going to INDIA?! || Watch and Sesh

We Are Going to INDIA?! || Watch and Sesh



Published on March 25, 2019

Hey guys! To be completely honest with you, I don't remember what happens in this episode of Watch and Sesh. We were absolutely turnt on edibles before leaving for India! Please make sure you check out all my friends on TheWeedTube and wish Brandon and I a safe trip in India :)

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thelonelystoner 1 year ago
Just wanted to let you know that I watched and seshed with this video last night. Got too high to post from my phone so I am posting now. I must admit, this is probably my favorite video of yours EVER Arend. I truly felt as though I was there with you and the "gang" seshing and passing around the goodies. The format of this video made me feel like I was included in the sesh, not just watching it on a screen. I have been following your channel for about 2 years now, first time commenting though. I LOVE your videos and look forward to new ones whenever they get posted. What you have done to help the weed community by helping to create is inspiring. Keep up the great work and have fun in India! P.S. StonerMom's "Instagram" response was HILARIOUS P.S.S. I have a bong I would LOVE for you to name for me.
milehighmarauder 1 year ago
This video was fucking amazing lol
stonedalone 1 year ago
? ayyyooooo India
stephakneecaps 1 year ago
Omgggg??? best watch and sesh I’ve seen in a while. You all are hysterical and you two are already having a fabulous time in India but I wish you all the best on the way home!?? P.s. love mom in the videos????
gigi-ebbesmier 1 year ago
I wish you safe travels and I hope you have a great time in India!!??and keep up the hard work with the app you all are doing great work!??love you and your contact so much and I hope you’re having a great day?
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