Watch Medical Cannabis instantly relieve dystonia!

Watch Medical Cannabis instantly relieve dystonia!



Published on May 28, 2019

Medical cannabis patient in Maryland with hEDS, dystonia, endometriosis, and countless more diagnoses. Watch as unfortunately I start the video under-medicated, trying to speak and complete a simple task like naming colors, as the dystonia continues to amplify. The instant I dab, my body relax

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Edra_Izzo 7 months ago
omg I freaking love that you put this up there. never do that again. you amazing woman! I love medical cannabis too. people need to see this. thank you for being so courageous and for documenting a part of your life that is very hard. I appreciate that you tried to read crayons to show how bad it gets and I know the struggle of trying to do things you know you can do but your body wont let you. You did so amazing, I've broken down and cried because of things like this. thank you for showing your struggle especially in times you dont want people to know you struggle. you're a real trooper and an amazing influence!!
nona97 7 months ago
Thank you for sharing your story I have witnessed someone else have the same exact reaction and I was amazed and feeling blessed that I got to witness it with my own eyes.
420-miner 6 months ago
that is awesome the true power of cannabis
Superweedman 7 months ago
That was amazing to watch! Thank you for sharing this !
yetisuncle 6 months ago
holy shit!!!! this was so painful to watch. moreso for you no doubt. but this blew my mind. i knew the bensfits have been unbelievable for alot of people, but i have NEVER seen such an extreme change. i had a friend who was a turrets patient. and she always called her weed medicine. and when i first saw her without her medicine i didnt hardly recognize her as the same person. cannabis is a miracle cure for so many people. thank you for putting your health and comfort on the line to demonstrate the absolute unmistakable power and reality of medical cannabis.
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