wake and bake: motivational monday sesh

wake and bake: motivational monday sesh



Published on January 13, 2020
Just trying to stay positive in the new year :) hope you all are doing well!
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Will_3 4 months ago
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budbart 4 months ago
You're not alone in not wanting to get up in the morning. Back and forth some days. You're spot on: stress is bad for you. Disrupts everything. But how do you NOT stress over things -- like NO HEAT in your house, finding a GOOD, permanent job, etc.? I mean these are things that just intrude on your life no matter how you try to avoid them, sometimes things are unavoidable. But you are very CONSCIOUS of what's going on and have a terrific attitude so you'll be fine, long-term. It's just short term that sucks sometimes. Look for "passion": a job, work you can be passionate about something you WANT to do and same for relationships. I think you're right on not trying to get everything done and settled right away. Be observant (you are) and you will know when you find your career passion and your love passion. May not be immediate, but you will come to know. In the meantime, it's great to be able to follow you and your thoughts. Peace.
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