VLOGMAS DAY #2 -Getting into the Holidaze spirit


Published on December 03, 2018
Hey guys!

Thank you for following along on vlogmas! This was filmed on Sunday and it was the day that we decided to decorate our home. Koala got REALLY into it lol. I hope everyone is having a good start to their December! See you tomorrow!
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missa_anne 6 months ago
Your nails are ??????????????????
jointswjordan 6 months ago
Vlogmas is way too lit
findyourpeace34 6 months ago
The I drank too much egg nog cookie ???? totally loving Vlogmas! Can’t wait for tomorrow!
chungisandlungis 6 months ago
My favorite sweater cookie is the “i drank too much eggnog” ?
tay420shirey 6 months ago
I love this! I just wish it was longer and more smoking but I still love watching you guys!

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