VLOGMAS DAY 1 w/ Davonraymond


Published on December 01, 2018
Happy vlogmas Day 1 everyone!!! The long awaited first session is HERE! Today I pack a bubbler full of keif! smoke a bowl from old faithful and REVEAL a new piece of glass I got especially for Vlogmas :) hope you enjoy the video and please comment below and let me know how much you love VLOGMAS!

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Category : Vlogmas


blazedxdazed 5 months ago
Awesome video! I love vlogmas as well!
shawntarae 5 months ago
Love everything about this video!! I posted a video today and now decided to stick with it and try out vlogmas too!!! Wish me luck!
yunglungz420 5 months ago
Great content! this channel is amazing
memesloth1313 5 months ago
dope video, man!! imma binge your channel

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