Vlogmas con Chuwy Day 2 – Stoned Dollar King Decorating – pt.2


Published on December 07, 2018
Welcome back to Vlogmas con Chuwy! I know its late but we'r gonna be doing the shit til' January if we have to!

Following up my first video (which you should go check out if you haven't) by getting stoned and decorating my set with SZY_Music!


Music -

Dolly P
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babydeartina 5 months ago
Yyyaaaayyyyyyy!!!! That was worth the wait. Thanks Chuwy and your Bae. Lol. Stay blessed.
raynebeauvaper 5 months ago
Love the Charlie Brown Christmas tree! Keep up the great content!
burningmom 5 months ago
You like Dolly AND Snoopy??! I knew you was good people. ;-D
the-thoroughly-high-stoner 5 months ago
Hey chuwy it’s me, the_angst_stoner from insta. Just had to say I’m loving the content and good vibes you’re putting out. Keep killing it!
camdogpg 5 months ago
Love the setup! You guys did great. The video was super nice to watch too. Cheers!

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