Vlogmas #7 // my domestic violence story

Vlogmas #7 // my domestic violence story



Published on December 07, 2019

VLOGMAS #7! Hai! Here's my domestic violence story! I am telling my story to hopefully help others in similar situations and to educate. If you're in an abusive relationship, leave asap. They are not going to change. You are worthy if more. Don't ever settle.As always if you enjoyed plea

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vegancannabis 8 months ago
you should interview him for his side of the story cuz there's always two sides to the story and then there's actual truth
marieee-v 8 months ago
My abusive excited still lives in my hometown and I got out of the relationship my freshman year of college. I dropped the charges and regretted it ever since. If I never showed him mercy he wouldn’t have this life he does now. Is it bad to hold this in?
doknessoverlord 8 months ago
Thank You for sharing your story!While the situation you had to go through was horrible,I'm happy to hear such positivity and self-growth through the whole experience.I subbed and I hope to see more content soon.I send you good vibes
ChronicBlonde 8 months ago
Traumatic. Wow. When others impact our lives with that kind of toxicity it's so wrong in so many ways. It will leave a permanent mark on the lives involved. Thanks for sharing.
barkformentalhealth 8 months ago
Cheers for cannabis
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