Violent Hotbox With 1 Pound of Weed!!!!


Published on July 10, 2018
HAPPPPPPPY 7/10 EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We got into some shenanigans involving a pound of weed, two home made hotbox devices, and five near death people suffocating in a trailer filled with weed smoke. Huge shout out to @cannabend for putting this on, this is hands down my favorite video ive ever had
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Category : WeedTube


ryan 10 months ago
EPIC as always!
vynxly 10 months ago
That song at the start was awesome! Love the new content!
kingindica 10 months ago
Holy fuck!!!!! Dude I think I got a little high just from watching this shit lmfao. That hotbox looked fucking deadly. Can’t even imagine doing anything like that.??
ch3w3y17 10 months ago
Im not sure why but everytime i try to watch your videos on here i get few mins in and it tells video error ??? it makes me soo mad!! i had to go to hightimes website to watch the epic mail time , because the same thing happened... ??? I bet this video was great maybe ill try to watch later and ill get to see the whole thing.
darth 10 months ago
where's the oxygen haha