Vape and Bong SESH / French LAW / Accessories - Fr (ENG SUBTITLE)


Published on June 28, 2019

New video sesh with some explanation about french cannabis laws and a tour of my accessories.

Hope you like it !

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ArendRichard 3 weeks ago
Literally my favorite weedtuber rn
alexandrapandabear 3 weeks ago
I personally prefer bongs over any form of smoking. Just something about the clouds and the smoke going straight to your diaphragm.
marieee-v 3 weeks ago
I heard weed from Amsterdam is really good. I need to experience that
lolotaylor 3 weeks ago
My new favorite weedtuber
jenohyeah 1 week ago
Wow you're my new favorite weedtuber! I took French in school so I understood some of what you said without the subtitles. You're also hilarious! Keep making videos please!

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