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Published on May 12, 2019

HOW TO OLD SCHOOL DAB?! Want to know how we dab with our flower bongs? Watch to find out!

Oregon Experts wish you a happy mothers day! Sneaky appearance from Mama Alice Snippet- she gives us a coconut oil tincture update and sneaks a bong rip!

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xoxo ZBD +

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hizbd 2 months ago
“Oooo” “Were you gonna say something” “Oh. No” old school dabs really get me is spicy
kingindica 2 months ago
Great video!
sofabudz 2 months ago
Hi Portland Gurls! Your both adorable. "THE ORANGE" Great video!
tattooed_lunchbox 2 months ago
yo yall oregon breed for sure keep portland weird
tattooed_lunchbox 2 months ago
try happy vaalley exstracts my buddy mike hook u up

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