Unboxing 10+ New Pieces w/ Friends! || Watch and Sesh


Published on March 07, 2019
Welcome back to a new episode of Watch and Sesh where myself and most of TheWeedTube team show you some of the things we picked up on the last day of Champs Trade show in Las Vegas! Hope you enjoy!ALSO HUGE NEWS!!! HEADDIES HAS GIVEN ME A COUPON CODE SO USE "AREND" ALL DAY FAM!Shouts out to all my fri
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stonedalone 2 months ago
ya ever see a haul before, m8?
babydeartina 2 months ago
Joya's reaction to the camera was priceless. I LOVE the mini Headdies bong it's fire!!!! Loosing your looks.... really Arend. Come on now, You know better then that!!! Thank you, Next Come on Brandon, be nice. I like Ariana's new pink beaker. THANK YOU TO EACH PERSON ON TWT TEAM!!! as a daily TWT watcher, I appreciate you all working hard to keep the site up and running!! I love you Arend. Thank you for another awesome watch and sesh. xoxoxo
bluntlynicole 2 months ago
omg a headdies drop?? gawddd yes! and I CANT WAIT FOR MORE AREND LOVES YOUokay thank you, next! i love all of you so much. so proud to be here!
annalowen 2 months ago
I love you!
annalowen 2 months ago
thank you next

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