TWTGC Marijuana Diaries (Episode 20)

TWTGC Marijuana Diaries (Episode 20)



Published on April 08, 2020
a daily look at my Perpetual grow so you can learn how to grow with me
Category : Growing/Gardening


ZoltrixGrower 4 months ago
That widow you harvested looks really good man. I can't wait to grow some of it myself. Be cool doing a deep water culture grow, you will be able to compare it to coco. They say it will grow bigger and faster than soil or coco so be neat to see first hand. I have a way smaller tent but I did the same, yellow/white color lights on the outside and the purple ish one in the back/middle. Camera likes it that way too lol. I have my plants raised for now, just being seedlings but once they go the the 1 gallon pots they will be on the floor on a small riser. Your garden looks good man, some good tips, I'll add it to my playlist. Happy growing!
willleaf 4 months ago
I hope you and yours are doing okay. another great video!
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