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Category : Comedy
Published on March 24, 2019

CBD at CVS, too much pot in California, and a very special TheWeedTube video challenge in anticipation of the app release.

Join the #TWTCountdownChallenge and upload everyday from April 12-19th, 2019, leading up to the release of the official app!<...

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ryan 3 weeks ago
Great job brotha! loved it as always
ccpillo 3 weeks ago
This is awesome ! I love this!!!!! ???
dizzyqueer 3 weeks ago
challenge accepted! (also love your videos!)
grizzthesmokiebear 3 weeks ago
great job. i love this. the thought of informing us with weednews. i never thought of doing this but i love teaching. and doing cannabis news could be so fun!!! just constructive criticism.. sorry. at 2:22 some captions or graphics to compare those numbers would be helpful. u spit so much good info so fast i had to got back to remember. facts and numbers about how much weed is being grown vs how much is needed would be cool to see on the screen. just a thought. dont hate me... i love u!!!! thank u for all ur info!!! just thinking like how news channels hate bottom headlines or charts? diagrams lol
kingindica 1 week ago
Just uploaded for Day 1, preparing for the next uploads! Great video!???

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