trying stoner hacks


Category : LGBTQ Community
Published on February 09, 2019

what's up weedtube! Today I try 5 stoner hacks that i found on the internet! if you like it let me know and maybe I'll do more videos like this in the future!
Hope you enjoy!

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burningmom 2 months ago
What fun! Thanks for testing out all those hacks. Def. trying the mango thing.
tobecontinued 2 months ago
For the bong cleaning, what I used to do before I got caps was take a small baggy and put it over the mouth piece and then stem and wrap it a couple times with a rubber band.
dizzyqueer 2 months ago
Bobby pin is so worth it! Now I have to try every fruit lol
fadedaway 2 months ago
Definitely giving the bobby pin one a shot ? I’ve heard the same thing about mangoes! Apparently other fruits are the same ?

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