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Transplant Prep | Pre Flip Preparations | Mars Hydro Grow | TWTGC



Published on May 24, 2020

Hello Everyone and thanks for Clicking!

Today we are having a last look at the girls before their final transplant in the morning! We talk briefly about why I am going perpetual, and how my last harvest is holding out!

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BthaMAN420 2 months ago
Awesome video dude! I like the slow-mo hoot and your garden looks great, healthy and filling in. Hope that one fills in nice for ya and grats on the prize!
ProudCanadianCannabis 2 months ago
Hey Zoltrix, you subtract what your tap waters ppm was from the total your meter tells you, to find out how much of the total ppm, are the nutrients you have added! The feeding programs you get from your nutrient manufacturer are telling you how many pmm you should be feeding your plants of their nutrients! You subtract you tap waters ppm from your pens total, and add your nutrients till you reach the ppm your chart or feeding program is telling you to feed! Happy Growing My Friend! Duane.
Staci420 2 months ago
you sure make really cool videos bud, they are lots of fun to watch. your "little ladies" are looking very nice, good job bud! Good to see you back too, missed ya this week.
benobeno1 2 months ago
whats up bud. just want to find out what size tent are you growing in? i want to please a order soon just would like to know. got some new seeds. got some OG KUSH from DNA GENETICS want to grow them indoors. keep making good videos man love watching your stuff
BSLady 2 months ago
Looking really really good buddy!
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