Transplant Day / Mars Hydro SP 250

Transplant Day / Mars Hydro SP 250



Published on June 18, 2020

Transplant day for these 8 ladies, I will show you my current, preferred methods for transplanting Cannabis plants.

Thanks for watching I really do appreciate it! Stay tuned for new grow room updates and product reviews. Lot's of content to come on this brand new channel, please like and subs

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ZoltrixGrower 3 months ago
She's full! lol. I find the same about a dry medium for transplanting. That and I add about 1 inche of perlite in the bottom of the fabric pot and they are super easy to get out. I pinch the bottom around it and out they come. Otherise I do it the same. I have not had one grow into it the pots yet but see with the GSCE. I saw an old Subcool video way back where he would really pack the dirt in, all the way around. You seen that before? I wouldn't think it would be easy for the roots to work their way but maybe, kind of want to try one and see the difference, like one clone each way maybe. It will be neat to compare the nutrients. Garden is looking good though Jay, have a great one and happy growing!
-TheGrow420- 3 months ago
Nice work, girls are looking way strong!
TheRookiewiththeCookies 3 months ago
another good video sir. do you have to water differently in the plastic pots vs the fabric when starting the plants.
SKEastCoast 3 months ago
Great video. Glad you are staying busy.
Wabbit 3 months ago
solid man, and it is good to see you cracking it out, rl comes first my friend so it is understandable, garden looks great, you should have a full perpetual cycle as well buddy, you got space so no worries, keep it up man, stay safe and happy growing
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