Topping GG4 Clones 30 Days From Flower

Topping GG4 Clones 30 Days From Flower



Published on November 01, 2019

In this episode of our WeedTube Life ...

In my last video we took a look at the 6 GG4 clones that we're following all the way to harvest, today they are 30 days from being put into the flower tent so I'm giving them a final topping to help even out the canopy early on. I also remove some of

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NewRootzGardens 8 months ago
I do all my topping while they are still under 18/6 (veg) light schedule. Once I flip to flower I try and have all the work done to them so they can start flowering. But other than that I’d say yessir I agree with how you topped and your plan for moving forward.
georgiagrowguy 8 months ago
Leaves are the solar collectors for the plant. Why are you cutting off the biggest and best leaves? Bro-science?
Infalung78 8 months ago
I honestly don't see any thing wrong with the way you're planning you're doing something right or you wouldn't be where you're at today I always enjoy your videos your plants always look so healthy and you're growing setup rocks keep up the good work brother✌
Lolsdarian 8 months ago
Nice work!
cmntImg 8 months ago
great video!
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