Time For a Smoke UPdate!

Time For a Smoke UPdate!



Published on June 26, 2020

In this vlog, I talk about what’s new so far. I’ll be making guided meditations, and posting them on my main social media platform. Make the best of every moment, cuz when you get older; would you rather say, “I wish I would have done more”, or, “I can’t believe I

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FecoLeo 1 month ago
I like growing herbs like parsley, sage, or thyme. They are easy, and you can use them in the kitchen, and some herbs give off the same terpenes that cannabis does. There's nothing like smelling some fresh mint or my favorite (lemon verbena) after a stressful day. And most herbs you can dry and add to your smoke if you need to cover up some nasty skunk.
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